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Scania Irizar PB 32 (985BBX)

This is a bus which is particularly suitable for groups and collectives. As 24 seats of 32 are around the tables, it provides an excellent opportunity to jointly discuss the doings of the company at the table, play cards or simply spend a pleasant time with friends.

The space between the seats is very large. Usually there are 49 seats or more in the same size of bus, but we have only 32.

Each pair of seats has a 230V plug to charge your phone or laptop. For enjoying music and movies there are CD/DVD-player and 2 screens. Seat belts are on all seats.

Scania Irizar PB bus is being used by many of the world’s top clubs and VIP-services providers. They probably have a reason for that…


– 32 seats + guide
– seatbelts on all seats
– CD stereo
– DVD video
– 2 screens
– Dark windows
– The coffee machine
– 230V by each pair of seats
– air conditioning
– Spot lighting
– Length 12,2 meters